Meet Our Trained

Cancer Care Team 

Trained Ministers of Cancer Care

Jordan's River, is an affiliate of the "Our Journey of Hope" ministry under the umbrella of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  The immediate goal of Jordan's River non-profit organization is to petition volunteers passionate about doing cancer care ministry work in their local churches and communities.  Volunteers will attend an eight week training course with curriculum provided by "Our Journey of Hope".  Upon completion, trained lay ministers will receive a certificate and begin a friendship with either/or, cancer patients and care givers to build a lasting bond, while assisting with various needs during the patient and care giver's journey of battling cancer.   

Ultimately, Jordan's River will strive to expand its mission by evolving into a multifaceted organization offering a range of services to cancer patients and caregivers.  Through networking partnerships, sponsors, grants and fundraisers, Jordan's River will offer patients and caregivers a care free quality of lifestyle at no cost while undergoing cancer treatment.   To stay informed or become a cancer care lay minister / leader, click on the "News Events" page. 


"Go and wash yourself seven times in the Jordan River. Then your skin will be restored, and you will be healed of your leprosy" (2 Kings 5:10 NIV).



After finding out my father , Dr. James O. Bivins was diagnosed with  stage four prostate cancer in 2018, the shock of it was overwhelming.  Instant FEAR.  It was my father's courage and strong FAITH that he instilled in me from a child, which gave me the push I needed to NOT view cancer as a death sentence, but instead view it as an opportunity for Christ to work a miracle healing.  My father encouraged me to attend the "Our Journey of Hope" Leadership training for Cancer Care ministry.  Very angry and unwilling at first; that training changed my life forever and for the better.  It was the seed  of HOPE planted that gave birth to Jordan's River in 2019.  My prayer is that it will continue to germinate in the lives of many through the passion and compassion shown  towards cancer patients and care givers on their journey through Jordan's River.